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Large Custom Fireplace Mantel Design in European Mansions

Whjat comes to mind when some people hear of a fireplace mantel is size. For this reason the large fireplace mantel design in European mansions is very relevant. Many home owners who have opted to have a European model in their construction have preferred this design a lot. This is irrespective of the country that they are in across the world. The popularity of the European mansions have made sure that this design of mantels is also very popular. This has made it possible for many people to enjoy having a great house of beautiful designs.

large custom fireplace mantel

There are however other home owners who go for different designs. Among the most popular ones are French rococo fireplace mantel design and Tuscany travertine fireplace mantel design. These two designs are also greatly preferred because of the amazing texture they give to the mantels. They also ensure that the finishing is made with utmost precision and class. They are thus very popular among home owners who want to get classical at all times. This has led many people to get the mantels to their fireplaces in the best of graphics. However those home owners who are looking to save a great deal on their mantel installation are going for hand carved fireplace mantel. This is because it might be very expensive to involve a professional than it is to do it on your own.

You can decide to have a mantel for the fire place in your bedroom as well. Marble mantel in bedroom will be just perfect. It will give your bedroom a whole new look. The warmth in the room will be unmatched as well as the elegance therein. This will ensure that your bedroom gives you the warmth that you crave especially at night.

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