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Add Splendor And Grace to Your Luxury Residential With a Limestone Fireplace Mantel

It is amazing how with the limestone mantel with over mantel, a person can add a great deal of splendor and grace to their house. Irrespective of the fireplace’s height, the mantel can be modified to the correct measurements or specifications as you desire. When the mantels are designed in a way that make them appear longer in height, referred to as upper mantels, they will definitely bring out the look of splendor.

limestone fireplace

The manner in which limestone fireplace mantel is designed, ensures that it can suitably handle any additional items placed on them for decorative purposes. Most owners prefer to add fine art works, or mirrors on top of the mantels to increase their splendor. When you visit most homes in California, especially around Bel Air and Los Angeles, you will notice this trend.


When you feel like placing a television set on top of this feature, you can look at limestone mantel with TV on top which is well known in this regard. This part of the house will surely benefit through a few additions as long as a lot of care is taken when fitting them. The limestone fireplace surround is one such addition which most homeowners have grown fond of in the recent years due to its elegance.

Certain interior designers have developed what is known as the fireplace measurement sheet. They use this sheet to write down all the details regarding the fireplace. The measurements taken using this sheet will definitely help when the homeowner starts to carry out research on make the fireplace splendid. It is safer to purchase fireplace mantel that has sufficient room to carry the over mantel.

The pricing for French limestone mantel in custom built mansion is not done uniformly. This is a deliberate step which most retailers and designers apply to make sure that they cater for the customized mantels and needs brought forth by their clients.

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