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Italian Custom Designed Marble Fireplace Mantel in Palm Beach, Florida

Since time immemorial, French limestone fireplace mantel in California has been a popular option for stepping up the beauty of a home without breaking your bank account. The structures are available in scores of colors, sizes and textures tailored to accentuate the tastes of all clients.

custom marble fireplace mantel

The calacatta marble fireplace mantel in master suite makes it easy for you to match the unit with the rest of the structure easily. The stone mantels are classy, functional and simple. The initial investment of the structure is normally higher because they require professional labor.

However, there are some cheap ends, but classy alternatives, you can choose from as well. Start shopping online for suitable deals from major suppliers. The stone mantels are bulky and hard to transport, thereby adding to the cost of manufacturing them.

The custom fireplace mantel in 20ft ceiling high in Huston Texas made using metals are another great choice. These mantels can range from the plain stainless steel surface to the detailed and intricate shelves that come with complex designs and stained finish. Irrespective of the way your home appears, there is always a shade that would accentuate its elegance.

The bricks are among the most popular materials used in construction of mantels, and a cast stone fireplace mantel with TV in over mantel is no exception. One of the major reasons that make using bricks well-liked is that they are aesthetic, functional and simple nature.

There are some houses you can find in places such as Montana and Massachusetts featuring antique marble mantel that enhances their elegance tremendously. The durability of the units is one of the major attractions of these units to many people. The variety of materials ranging from marbles, granites and polished surfaces of tiles are some of the simple methods that homeowners can use to step up the beauty of their homes.

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Custom Designed Two Story Fireplace Mantel For Mansion in Massachusetts

The real estate industry continues to see major improvements. The modern builder wants to have something more unique. This is what sets them apart. While in the olden days, people preferred savings to great designs, now space and class are more appreciated. The fireplace has not been left behind. This is why there is much talk about two-story room mantel in Massachusetts. This mantel is famous for being classy and unique.

two story fireplace mantel

When you go around the streets and estates, you will find people to only have one idea when it comes to fireplace, and this is; a touch of class. Creative and more unique designs such as French design fireplace mantel in living room are greatly favored. This is not only by the residents of Massachusetts alone but by Indiana as well as Louisiana residents, just to mention a few.

The presence of the polished marble fireplace mantel in several homes has also been observed. One of the major reasons this is so, is because of its durability and firmness. Many people claim it has outlasted the time they had set for it. This is not to mention the appeal it has, to the people who come visiting. Indiana and Chicago are famous for the use of this incredible mantel design.

As the world keeps changing, so do the desires of many people. In contrast to the old days where the fireplace was seen as simply a place to get warmth, now it is considered to be a decorative tool. This is why it is important to have the best design. Cast limestone fireplace mantels as well as modern fireplace mantel designs are very popular in many parts of the US and beyond. They not only give a classy appeal but are durable as well.

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Benefits of Installing a Limestone Fireplace Mantel In Rhode Island Mansions

Are you a resident of US residing in places such as Vancouver, New Jersey and Long Beach? Are you thinking of how to upgrade the elegance of your house? Relax. One of the simplest ways is through investing in Spanish cream marfil marble mantel. The units are designed to kill two birds with one stone: exude elegance and functionality at the same time.

limestone fireplace mantel

Firstly, check the fire codes of your local area. There are places with tough fire rules, hence the importance of allocating adequate time to looking at the different options available.

Secondly, look at the materials that you can use. Among the common options to choose from include granite, wood, metal and stones. The wood is mainly used as an extension of an entire unit such as the limestone mantel with TV on top. Look for design, pattern and shape that would accentuate your needs best.

Thirdly, go for custom marble mantel in Beverly Hills mansion if elegance and functionality are your basic requirements. Look for a seasoned interior designer to help you in taking the measurements and determine the design of the fireplace that would suit your requirements best.

Fourthly, establish the way you would like to have the fireplace decorated. There are some units that come with intricate patterns that are enough to make the fashion statement of an individual, while there are also plain units whose elegance can be increased through adding extensions like wooden pieces.

Fifthly, remember to consider the cleaning and other maintenance tasks of the unit you are installing in your home. Some alternatives like cast limestone fireplace mantel is convenient since they require no advanced cleaning processes. On the other hand, you might be required to have special supplies such as Murphy’s oil when cleaning wood fireplace mantels.

Lastly, determine whether the mantels would come assembled, or you will need to join it before the installation task. Whichever the case, ensure the structure is versatile enough to allow implementation of minor changes.

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Antique Italian Marble Mantel Design in Millbrook, New York

Antique marble has become very popular in New York because of the creativity it brings to the fire place. As you know, a fire place is a crucial part in your living room. This is where you go to get warmth. It is also the place your friends come to enjoy the warmth your house gives. The popularity of these mantels has transcended many borders.

antique italian marble mantel

In Chicago, the custom limestone fireplace mantel is more preferred. However, there are people who will still prefer the marble one any time. This is especially, if they have marble floors. The importance of this choice lies in the creativity as well as a classic appeal. This mantel is the epitome of ingenuity. Many people from far and wide come to experience this creative work of nature.

The mantels are mostly preferred because of the appeal they have. They decorate the house and leave it looking beautiful. Many people are opting to have the modern designs in contrast to the old designs. Limestone fireplace surround is very crucial in many houses. This is because of the modern look it gives your living room. You are like many people who enjoy having visitors. However, you want them to appreciate the house as well.

The price for solid marble fireplace mantel in Miami is one attribute, which contributes to how it is appreciated here. Its durability is another critical selling point of the mantel.

Some people have equally been seen to favor the Gothic fireplace mantel in old Europe. This is attributed to the modern appeal of this mantel as well as its rich heritage. Hand carved fireplace mantel is used as an alternative to this in Florida. It gives the house an appeal like no other, and it is very durable as well.

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Tips on Maintaining a Cast Limestone Fireplace Mantel in Chicago, Illinois

The one issue regarding cast limestone fireplace mantel that you need to be aware of is that cleaning or maintaining it is not as easy as other types of surfaces. The softness and porosity of limestone call for a lot more precautionary measures when cleaning it than would be required in other types. Moreover, you need to make use of the right types and qualities of supplies when cleaning it to avoid scratches.

 cast limestone fireplace

Wax and spray polishes should be used with a lot of care when cleaning or maintaining surfaces on any French limestone fireplace mantel in California, or the French limestone mantel in custom built mansion. The reason behind the need to be cautious when cleaning such types of surfaces is that wax and spray polishes tend to cause them to get discolored and this leads to stains which are hard to remove.

When using paper towels and steel wool to clean and maintain 60 viking range with limestone hood, or even limestone stove hood, a lot of care is required. The reason behind this is that both paper towels and steel wool have a habit of scratching the surface a lot. Moreover, where the surface has not been polished or the finishing job is of poor quality, the scratches on the limestone surface would even be worse.

If there are any dust and debris on the mantel’s surface, these would have to be cleaned carefully. The surface needs to be cleaned well before any solution is used for to finish the job off. When removing any grime on the surface, it would be good to use a microfiber cloth. It helps to loosen the grime before any proper cleaning can be performed. In the absence of microfiber, using dry cotton cloth would work well.

The limestone fireplace mantel needs to be cleaned comprehensively if its top condition is to be preserved in any city you reside in such as Los Angeles, Dallas or Houston among others.

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Add Splendor And Grace to Your Luxury Residential With a Limestone Fireplace Mantel

It is amazing how with the limestone mantel with over mantel, a person can add a great deal of splendor and grace to their house. Irrespective of the fireplace’s height, the mantel can be modified to the correct measurements or specifications as you desire. When the mantels are designed in a way that make them appear longer in height, referred to as upper mantels, they will definitely bring out the look of splendor.

limestone fireplace

The manner in which limestone fireplace mantel is designed, ensures that it can suitably handle any additional items placed on them for decorative purposes. Most owners prefer to add fine art works, or mirrors on top of the mantels to increase their splendor. When you visit most homes in California, especially around Bel Air and Los Angeles, you will notice this trend.


When you feel like placing a television set on top of this feature, you can look at limestone mantel with TV on top which is well known in this regard. This part of the house will surely benefit through a few additions as long as a lot of care is taken when fitting them. The limestone fireplace surround is one such addition which most homeowners have grown fond of in the recent years due to its elegance.

Certain interior designers have developed what is known as the fireplace measurement sheet. They use this sheet to write down all the details regarding the fireplace. The measurements taken using this sheet will definitely help when the homeowner starts to carry out research on make the fireplace splendid. It is safer to purchase fireplace mantel that has sufficient room to carry the over mantel.

The pricing for French limestone mantel in custom built mansion is not done uniformly. This is a deliberate step which most retailers and designers apply to make sure that they cater for the customized mantels and needs brought forth by their clients.

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Large Custom Fireplace Mantel Design in European Mansions

Whjat comes to mind when some people hear of a fireplace mantel is size. For this reason the large fireplace mantel design in European mansions is very relevant. Many home owners who have opted to have a European model in their construction have preferred this design a lot. This is irrespective of the country that they are in across the world. The popularity of the European mansions have made sure that this design of mantels is also very popular. This has made it possible for many people to enjoy having a great house of beautiful designs.

large custom fireplace mantel

There are however other home owners who go for different designs. Among the most popular ones are French rococo fireplace mantel design and Tuscany travertine fireplace mantel design. These two designs are also greatly preferred because of the amazing texture they give to the mantels. They also ensure that the finishing is made with utmost precision and class. They are thus very popular among home owners who want to get classical at all times. This has led many people to get the mantels to their fireplaces in the best of graphics. However those home owners who are looking to save a great deal on their mantel installation are going for hand carved fireplace mantel. This is because it might be very expensive to involve a professional than it is to do it on your own.

You can decide to have a mantel for the fire place in your bedroom as well. Marble mantel in bedroom will be just perfect. It will give your bedroom a whole new look. The warmth in the room will be unmatched as well as the elegance therein. This will ensure that your bedroom gives you the warmth that you crave especially at night.

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Spanish Emperador Light or Dark Fireplace Mantel

If you are living in Florida or any other state in the United States and you are thinking about building a fireplace mantel you need not worry because you are just about to find out the best way to do so. Spanish emperador light or dark fireplace mantel is the way to go if you want to get the job done right. The option of either having it light or dark ensures that you have the liberty to be yourself. There is nothing as great as knowing that you have freedom. This mantel gives you the freedom to be as creative as you want to be.

There are different designs that at your disposal to go with. One of the most common designs is Modern fireplace mantel design. This is because it gives your fireplace a modern look. It therefore greatly appeals to everyone who wants to be uniquely current. You may also want to be a little archaic and go for the design that makes you have a feel of the good old days. This you can do when you choose to have Old Italian mantel piece. Who does not love this design? It gives your fireplace that awesome feeling that will leave you extremely impressed. While you are at it, perhaps you may want to try the unique design of limestone mantel. This will give your fireplace mantel peculiarity at all times. You may want to be different from all the rest. This design will see you get to fulfill this goal.

If you are building the mantel yourself, you may be happy to use the hand carved fireplace mantel which will be cost effective and still deliver on the perfect look. You will never go wrong with this at any time.

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Tips On How To Decorate The Dining Room With a Custom Fireplace Mantel

Decorating the fireplace at your home is a very great idea especially if it is located within your dining room. A limestone fireplace surround at the dining room is very important in enhancing the class and value of the home.  You can achieve the harmony and balance in the dining room if you pick the best quality and carved custom fireplace mantel. This is so because it is very highly helpful in the highlighting of the beauty that exists at the fireplace and at the same time enhances the dining room’s looks.

 custom fireplace mantel

Most of the owners  of homes  in New York, Houston, Toronto, Chicago and others  cities and places in Canada and the United States have been used to the custom décor of the living room. There are however many other choices of the solid marble fireplace mantel. You can also go for the polished marble fireplace mantel because it can also make your dining room look chic and elegant especially if it is installed properly.  It is one of the greatest mental designs which make the room to look fabulous and handsomely transform it in to textured habitat thereby giving it ambiance that is better.

There are very many other benefits of having fireplace at the dining room.  It adds beauty and also acts as apparatus for heating so that you can decorate it with the best gothic design.  The design of mantel adds old charm in to the dining room that most people love.

If the fireplace is large, you should ensure that you go for the large-sized French Louis fireplace mantel design in dining room that can perfectly fit the fire place. This is a mantel that has managed to come through the ages and it will in the ultimate mesmerize you together with your family. Another design that is capable of fitting in to fireplace that is large is the French design fireplace mantel in living room.

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How to Obtain a Unique Fireplace Mantel

In order to have a unique fireplace mantel, there are a number of things that you need to keep rolling. For people who have fireplace in their home, perking the mantel will make the house appear elegant. If you adhere to some few points, you will have the fireplace look as good as you may want it. Marble medallions are one of the accessories that you can make use of to have an appealing mantel. Depending on the condition of your mantel, some small form of decorations will be needed.

fireplace mantel

The use of marble insert is one of the major ways through which homeowners have used to make their homes appealing. Of importance is to make use of decorations that will show your personality and taste. Many people have opted for the luxury marble foyer as a way of showing status quo. If your fireplace was built long time ago, you can still make it have that new elegant look. Most fireplaces have been neglected hence they get ruined by smoke. If you are a stylish and fashion oriented person, you should make use of the natural stones like granite and marble.

Are you bored with the way your fireplace appears? If so, it is time you remodel it and give it that appealing look. There are a number of makeovers that you can make use of to enhance the aesthetics of your fireplace mantel. Being creative and imaginative are the two key things you should keep rolling when remodeling your home. With the many marble inserts available in the modern world, you should be keen on the design and style you pick. If you are not well versed of what matches with what, it is good that you consult an exterior designer to guide you over the same.

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Locating a Marble Fireplace Mantel in Chicago

Fireplace mantels are very popular in states like Florida, Oklahoma among others. They are actually very popular among all the states in the United States because of the change in weather. At times it can get pretty cold and the warmth brought forth by these mantels are a great relief to many. Marble Mantels that have an Old Italian mantel piece are by far the most preferred. They blend so well especially if you have a marble floor.

marble fireplace mantel

It has been seen that majority of the people prefer these marble mantels because of their elegance. They make the fireplace become a place that you want to always look at. If you are able to have a custom limestone fireplace mantel for the finishing then you are sure to get your visitors interested. This is because it blends so well and leaves your fireplace look one of a kind. Most of the time is spent at the fireplace because of the cold season. It would be great to have the time spent at a place that you are happy to look at. If you are careful with the antique marble mantel pattern that you give your fireplace mantel, you are going to enjoy every second you feel the warmth of the fireplace in your living room.

Many house owners will insist on having the best fireplace mantels. Many have gone wrong but with a little touch of the Solid marble fireplace mantel you can never go wrong. You are guaranteed to have a mantel that you will not only love but you will get your visitors excited. They will always want to know how you designed yours so that they can also do the same. This is the surest way to ensure that you have invested your money wisely.

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Decorating Your Custom Fireplace Mantle With Creativity

As holiday fast approaches, many people are thinking of decorating their homes. There are tips and parameters that you should follow in order to have a perfect house. Your aim should be to create a comfortable zone for you and your family members. When it comes to decorating a home, there are no limits. The one place that you should give priority is the fireplace mantel. This is a very sensitive place that will portray your personality. There is a wide myriad of styles and designs that you can use to make this space appealing enough to your visitors.

custom fireplace mantle

The use of custom design marble medallion to decorate your mantel will give it a nice appearance. You and your loved ones will enjoy staying indoors and feel the warmth emanating from the fireplace. In order to create a cozy feeling in your home, the use of marble medallion is the best option. These accessories come in a wide choice in term of color, styles and design. The choice will be yours depending on your tastes and preference. Ensure the theme you select will catch the eyes of your visitors.

The kind of décor you choose for your fireplace mantel should match with the other parts of the room. If you have a marble carpet and marble floor, the use of marble stone on the mantle will give a perfect appearance.  By all means, you should avoid parallel colors as they will make the room look out of place. Depending on where your fireplace is located, you should pick a theme that will best complement the same. The different styles that are available in the market will create different moods. For your fireplace to appear elegant, choose a style that compliments the other accessories in the room.

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